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Learning Indonesian Online

So you want to learn Indonesian? Thanks to the internet it is possible to learn some without even leaving your home. Though nothing is as good as getting out there and learning in-country, there are a great number of resources out there to give you a good foundation before going to Indonesia. The purpose of this page is to provide a list of quality resources that will help you whether you're just getting started learning Indonesian, or you are hoping to build upon your existing knowledge.

Getting Started
For those who need a quick introduction to "survival Indonesian" or those who want to learn Indonesian but don't know where to start then here a few sites to whet your appetite.
  • Bahasa Indonesia for expats has basic phrases along with sound clips
  • Hello-Indonesia's pronunciation guide, will help you to understand the sounds of the Indonesian alphabet. Alternatively you can download the .pdf version
  • Bahasa Indonesia in 7 days is an excellent booklet, which the author has made available online. It covers a range of topics Numbers, Being polite, Asking Questions. It also has a handy pronunciation guide, along with a helpful word list. Another location of Bahasa Indonesia in 7 days, which also contains audio clips.
  • Sejarah Indonesia has interesting information on the history of the Indonesian language as well another excellent pronunciation guide
  • Word Seeks will help to familiarise you with numbers, days of the week, and months.

Hungry for more...

Well if you want to learn something a bit more substantial then, then using the following sites with a little determination you could really learn alot.

  • Indonesian 101 also has some helpful phrases about Transportation and Lodging
  • Indonesian Phrasebook on WikiTravel
  • Handbook on Bahasa Indonesia has phrases for any situation a traveler to Indonesia might come across.
  • Beginning Indonesian by the University of Victoria is an excellent resource. It covers a range of topics. It differs from the previous links in that it is structured in Lessons and contains a lot of interesting activities. I have written a detailed review of this website and it is available here.
  • Hello Indonesia offers alot of resources, you have to sign-up first, but that is free.
  • BahasaPOD has some good lessons in the format of podcasts that you can listen on your iPOD. Currently there are two episodes available #1 How to greet in Bahasa Indonesia and #2 Related to the earthquake
  • SEAsite has a great range of the stuff, not all of it is necessarily for Beginners, but its sure to have something for everyone

After trying out a few of these sites then test yourself with these quizes and activities.

Advanced Learners

For those that have mastered the basics, and want something a little more challenging then try these websites

Dictionaries and Online Translation
I have already prepared an extensive list of Online Indonesian Dictionaries. This includes a short review and a rating for each of them. Below is just a few dictionary links, and also a handy translation tool.

  • Kamus.net the best Online Dictionary available.
  • Download an Indonesian-English Dictionary.
  • Download an English-Indonesian Dictionary.
  • Toggletext is the place to go if you want to translate small amounts of text or websites in Indonesia for free.

For those wanting to practice their listening skills, then Podcasts are a convenient way to do that, as you can download them to you iPod and then listen to them wherever you go.


Interesting sites about the Indonesian language that don't really fit anywhere else

Indonesian for Non-English Speakers

There are also a few sites that teach Indonesian through the medium of languages other than English.

Links, Links, and more Links

Above I've just listed a few links that are of good quality and that I think will help you. There are however plenty more links available, some good, some bad, some current, some no longer online. If you want to spend some more time searching around then here are some sites with links and resources related to Indonesian Language and Culture.

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